Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello from the words guy.

Hello everyone,

When Joe suggested a blog to update the Kickstarter backers and other fans on upcoming Brandi projects, I wanted to call it a stroke of genius. But then I realized that we're actually behind the curve, and other projects have been doing this long ago. No one has ever accused me of being overly intelligent.

This is my first chance to talk to our readers, since I don't get out to conventions like Joe does. So I am looking forward to removing that wall and hearing from people directly.  And I like the idea of announcing our updates to the various project that we have in motion.  Putting it in the blog makes them feel more real.

To that end, Issue 4 has been plotted and thumbnailed.  Joe is working on the art and should be able to update people in short order.  At the same time, I've been working on the first Brandi Bare novel, starring the irreverent fan favorite Dylan in a 'solo' adventure. I have 'solo' in quotes not just because I'm a HUGE fan of air quotes, but also because the story is actually a buddy adventure with a yet to be introduced character of the Brandiverse.  The full outline and the first two chapters have the initial drafts completed.  I expect somewhere around 20 chapters when it's all done. Joe has promised to grace the chapter breaks with some art.  When the book is farther along, and after Issue 4's Kickstarter, we'll start pumping the book.

I have a teaser selection that is almost ready to be posted. Keep tuned to this blog, and you won't miss it.

Thanks again for being fans.  Joe's art makes it easy, I'm a fan of his as well.  And thanks for the kind words on the writing that we've been receiving.  I have a fondness for the group that we've gathered in Brandi and her friends.  It's good to know others are fond of them as well.


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